Voltage Controller

Dynamic Voltage Controller- What if electric cars, cell phones, laptops, and electric hand tools could recharge within seconds, or renewable energy suddenly became less expensive than coal? IAUS believes that with its new voltage controller, these possibilities will quickly become a reality.


IAUS’s patented, Dynamic Voltage Controller (DVC) is the first non-mechanical technology capable of handling and converting a full range of variable voltage on the fly to a constant DC or AC voltage and frequency output. It can also convert a constant input voltage to a variable output. This new device operates without transformers or coils, making it much lighter and significantly more compact than today’s transformers and inverters. For most uses, it can be reduced to the size of a silicon chip.


Applications for the DVC range from quick-charge batteries to cell phones, computers, electric cars, electric appliances, electric tools, photo-voltaic solar, concentrated solar thermal, wind energy, ocean wave energy, robotics, the smart grid, and many other electronic circuit based technologies.


For example, a wind turbine using IAUS’s new voltage controller could operate at variable speeds without the need for a heavy mechanical gearing system, or large-diameter generator. Nearly 50% of the cost could be eliminated, in addition to an increase in efficiency. As a result, not only would wind energy likely become less expensive than coal, even micro wind turbines for individuals would be extremely economical.


The DVC will also allow capacitors to function like a battery by converting its variable output to a constant voltage. Capacitors charge in a matter of seconds. Electric cars, cell phones, laptops, electric hand tools, etc. could be recharged almost instantly.

Currently, the global market for consumer electronic products is roughly $1.5 Trillion annually. The global energy market is over $2 Trillion.


A patent for this new technology has been awarded. Additional patents have been applied for, and a prototype has been built.